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Relax or Refresh with our new products

Just a few of the new products now available.

New Christmas Pudding fragranced bath bombs £3.50 each.

A sweet fragrances moisturising bath bomb that fizzes and leaves your skin feeling super soft.

Perfect for a Christmas treat.


If your in need of an uplifting fruity moment then look no further. These zesty bath salts will not only leave you feeling refreshed but your skin too.

Hyacinth Bath Salts, Watermelon & Kiwi Bath Salts, Pear Bath Salts, Blueberry Muffin Bath Salts £5 a jar.


Motoscape 2014

We made it back from our rally across Europe, raising a whopping £1400 for the Lullaby Trust.
It was an amazing adventure, with no major issues. Well…

On the 2nd day we lost the petrol cap. On the 4th day we had a slight bump to the back of the car, and ended up with petrol pouring out of the tank on the Stelvio Pass (due to our temporary petrol cap not being up to the job), which meant we had to abandon and come back down the mountain.

Here’s Chloe stood waiting for the breakdown man to arrive with our duct taped petrol cap (there is a temporary cap underneath).



But aside from a couple of mishaps we had a really good adventure.



We even had time to stop for a game of croquet.



And although we may have got a little lost




We made it home safe and ready for an English cup of tea.

So we’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who sponsored and supported us.

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