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A great day for pictures

We managed to get some lovely pictures today just looking through them now.

But here are a couple of my favourites

A Vanilla Whip 3in1 Cupcake Bath Treat, photographed next to an ice cream designed shoe.

A wriggly caterpillar soap.

And another Vanilla Whip 3in1 Cupcake Bath Treat.

Isn’t the bathroom just beautiful! A big thank you to my friend Ally for letting us use hers for our photo shoot today.

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Product photoshoot

Well today we are on our way to a beautiful bathroom down south to have our products photographed.
Finally we are making some progress and will be aiming to have the shop up and running by August bank holiday weekend. We will also be putting together a product broacher with all out products and information on bespoke services we do.
So have a wonderful day, I know we will.
Pictures to follow later this evening.

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